Central Saanich Police Service is pleased to offer bike registration.  Please download the bike registration form, below, complete and mail or drop off at Central Saanich Police Service, 1903 Mount Newton Cross Road, Saanichton, BC, V8M 2A9.  You may then receive a bike registration sticker to place on your bicycle to deter thieves from choosing your bike to steal.  Your bike information will be placed on a police database that is accessible to police agencies throughout British Columbia.


Please remember to take photos of you with your bike and save purchase information to assist in an investigation should your bike be stolenIn the event your bike is stolen, report it immediately to the police agency in the area where the bike was stolen from and inform the call taker that your bike is registered with police.  To report a bike stolen from the Central Saanich area please call our report desk at 250-652-4441.

Tips to prevent bike theft:

  • Register your bike with your local police and place a “Registered with Police” sticker on your bike
  • Always lock up your bike when not in use
  • Don’t leave personal items on your bike when not in use
  • Lock up your bike in a public, high traffic area if possible
  • Don’t leave your bike outside overnight if possible