Les SylvenA message from Chief Constable Les Sylven:


Dear Community,

In 2017, employees of the Central Saanich Police Service and members of the Central Saanich Police Board created the Strategic Plan 2017-2020.  Based on the commitments we made in the plan, here are some of the action steps we are taking in 2018:

Focus on Road Safety – Based on community feedback, our highest priority as a police service should be on traffic and pedestrian safety. In 2018, in addition to continuing to conduct traffic enforcement and deliver road safety educational campaigns, we will host a public forum on “Road Safety” in March.  We will also increase communication about our traffic enforcement patterns throughout the year via our social media.

Focus on Crime Prevention – Property-related crime continues to be an on-going concern for our community. With this in mind, we will host a public forum on “Crime Prevention” in May 2018. Details about our programs such as Block Watch, Bike Registration, and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design will be highlighted. We will also increase communication about crime pattern trends via our social media platforms and continue to provide crime prevention “tips.”

Build Stronger Community Relationships – Our on-going efforts to combat fraud, particularly scams that victimize vulnerable community members like our seniors, will be the topic of our public forum in July 2018. In September, we will partner with health care professionals for a public forum on safety issues facing children and youth related to legal and illegal substance use.   We will also address criminality in the digital era.

Enhancing Communication – In an effort to maintain public trust and connection to the community, as described above, we will increase our communication efforts via public forums and social media. Our Community Engagement Team is actively developing a Community Engagement Strategy, which will include providing residents with monthly crime statistics and timely information about public safety issues in our community. We will finish the year seeking public feedback on our efforts and with the community’s assistance will establish policing priorities for 2019. Please visit our events page for updates on all of these initiatives.

The men and women of the Central Saanich Police Service are highly trained, motivated to serve, and committed to ensuring Central Saanich remains among the safest communities in Canada. We are proud to offer high quality independent community police service at one of the best values in British Columbia. In closing, I wish every resident of Central Saanich a safe and peaceful 2018.


Les Sylven

Chief Constable

Central Saanich Police Service