Block Watch

Block Watch

What is Block Watch?

Block Watch is a community-based, crime prevention program where neighbours make a commitment to watch out for each other’s homes and report suspicious activities to the police. 

How Does Block Watch Work?

Residents from a Block Watch neighbourhood elect an area Captain or Co-Captains.  Area Captains collaborate with the Central Saanich Police Service Block Watch Coordinator to:

  • Train participants on residential crime prevention techniques and effective reporting of criminal and suspicious behaviour.
  • Establish a channel of communication between participants and the police to encourage the sharing of information about crime in the community
  • Provide standardized signage for residences or neighbourhoods indicating to potential offenders that the neighbourhood is committed to vigilant surveillance.
  • Incorporate other crime prevention activities in addition to the crime prevention group.

What are the benefits of Block Watch?

  • Increase crime awareness and the reporting of suspicious behaviour
  • Increase cohesiveness, community spirit and a general feeling of safety
  • Crime prevention tips on how to better protect your home
  • In most cases, a general reduction in crime
  • Possible discount offered on home insurance premiums
  • Information on how to mark personal property
  • Protective window decals
  • Access to current crime statistics

If you are interested in learning more about the Central Saanich Police Block Watch, please contact us at 250.652.4441.