Associated Application Costs & Fees:

There are costs and fees associated with the application process whether a candidate is successful or unsuccessful. The Central Saanich Police Service does not offer reimbursement for any of the costs. Below you will find estimated average costs and fees at the applicant’s expense throughout the application and hiring process.

  • Medical exam: $85.00
  • Vision Exam: $88.00
  • Chest X-Ray: $65.00
  • Hearing Test: $35.00
  • Proof of typing speed: $20.00
  • Academic Transcripts: $6.00 to $10.00
  • Basic First Aid and CPR $85.00
  • POPAT: $56.00
  • Language Proficiency Index: Candidates within BC $99.00 + tax
  • Language Proficiency Index: Candidates outside of BC $125.00 + tax

 (You may be removed at any time for failure to successfully complete any part of the recruiting process.)


JIBC Recruit Training:

New recruits are responsible for their own tuition fees for training at the Justice Institute of British Columbia in New Westminster. The current recruit training fee is approximately $10,500 and $150 for books. Recruits may be eligible for a departmental loan to cover the cost of the training, which is subsequently collected by payroll deduction over a three year period, if this assists.

Whilst attending training at the JIBC, recruits receive:

  • Probationary Constable salary
  • Paid accommodation
  • Daily meal allowance
  • One round trip ferry fee for each block of training (Blocks I & III)


Central Saanich Police Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values diversity in the workplace.

*Central Saanich Police Service hiring information and processes may be subject to change.*