Crop Protection & Discharge Applications

Letter Example available for download and use:

Under the municipal bylaws of Central Saanich, application must be made to Central Saanich Police Service for a Crop Protection Permit or a Shotgun/Bow Discharge Permit.  Applicants must attend the police station, during office hours 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday, at 1903 Mt. Newton Cross Road, and submit the applicable permit request and pay the appropriate fees, $5 for Crop Protection Permit and $25 for Discharge Permit.  Proper Provincial hunting regulations must be met, which include permits to shoot at specific wildlife.  Call 604-940-4700 to obtain further details regarding Provincial regulations.  If you are renewing a permit please attach your previous permit(s).  Please allow two weeks for the permit to be processed.  You will be contacted when your permit is ready for pick up.  Permit holders must contact Central Saanich Police Service on the days they intend to exercise their permit.

Central Saanich Firearms and Bows Bylaw:  CLICK ON LINK