To be eligible as an Exempt (experienced) candidate, an applicant must:

  • Be a current serving Regular member of a Canadian police force whose training and standards are equivalent to those of a B.C. Municipal police force,
  • Previous Police Experience: 1 year minimum, 3 years preferred after graduation from police recruit training program , and
  • Possess knowledge skills and experience at least equivalent to that of the British Columbia Peace Officer’s Basic training program.
  • The Recruiting Sergeant will contact the applicant to arrange the necessary appointments. Wherever possible, appointments will be booked in such a way as to minimize travel for out-of-town applicants. However, applicants from out of town should expect to make at least two trips to Central Saanich.

Exempt candidates must provide:

  • Certificates verifying basic police training
  • All Certificates of police related training
  • Two letters from present or previous supervisors indicating abilities as a police officer
  • Performance appraisals for the last three years, longer if possible
  • Three examples of police investigations conducted, impaired driving, break and enter, etc. The three examples should deal with a range of investigations (i.e. not all impaired driving)

Exemption Exam:

NOTE:  Members serving on a B.C. Municipal police force (who were trained at the Justice Institute of British Columbia), or members of the RCMP who have spent a minimum of two years serving in BC (within the last year), are not required to write the exemption exam.

This exam is two hours in length, multiple choice in nature, straightforward, with little emphasis on memorization. The exemption exam can be written at the Central Saanich Police Service or at the experienced candidate’s home department under the supervision of a sponsor.

Pension Transfers:

Some pension plans may be transferable to the BC Superannuation plan.

 The Exempt Hiring Process 

  1. Submit cover letter and resume.  Please demonstrate how you meet our minimum requirements and why you would like to serve with the Central Saanich Police Service.  Please provide your complete address, with postal code, and your valid email address.
  2. Complete P.O.P.A.T – Physical Test.  Applicants may contact the Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence (PISE) directly to register.
  3. Complete and submit application – Recruit Application and Lifestyle Questionnaire.  If you are invited to continue to this stage of the process you will be supplied with the application to complete and submit in a sealed envelope to the Recruiting Sergeant.
  4. Screening Interview.  This interview is conducted by the Recruiting Sergeant and focuses on general suitability, life experience,  integrity and assesses the next step in your hiring process.
  5. Panel Interview.  Applicants who advance to this stage will be invited to an interview with a panel of police officers. This behavioral-based interview focuses on the life skills, experience and abilities of the applicant.
  6. Psychological Test.  You will be required to attend a psychologist office, selected by Central Saanich Police Service, for an interview and written test.
  7. Polygraph Test.  Central Saanich Police Service will arrange a test administered by a trained professional qualified in the use of a polygraph, which will be based on the Lifestyle Questionnaire.
  8. Manager’s Interview.  Successful applicants to this stage will be invited to an interview by the Central Saanich Police Service Management team.
  9. Occupational Health Assessment.  At the expense of the Central Saanich Police Service, you will attend a health assessment company to ensure you are able to carry out the occupational requirements of the job as an officer.
  10. Background Investigation.  An extensive background investigation is conducted which includes contacting friends, family members, past and present employers and neighbors.
  11. Offer of Employment

Central Saanich Police Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values diversity in the workplace.

*Central Saanich Police Service hiring information and processes may be subject to change.*