Going away?  Here are some ways to protect your home:

• Tell trusted neighbours that you will be away and ask them to watch your home and call police if they notice anything suspicious.

• Tell them how they can reach you and when you expect to return.

• Put lights, radio and/or TV on timers to indicate someone is home.

• If you have a home phone, turn the ringer down (so thieves do not here ringing that goes unanswered).

• Cancel all deliveries or have a neighbour collect for you.

• Ask a friend to spend some time at your home and park their vehicle in your driveway every couple of days.

• Disable garage door openers.

• Lock all doors and windows, sheds and garage.

• Ensure no tools are left outside and visible.

• Don’t put your home address on luggage.

• Don’t post that you are away on social media, post photos upon return.

We wish everyone stress free holiday travel.