Safe Driving

Safe Driving

Central Saanich Police Service is committed to safe driving and supporting safe driving initiatives. 

To report Dangerous Drivers and possible Impaired Drivers, call 9.1.1 and provide the following information:

  • The location of the driver – intersection or block is helpful
  • The driver’s direction of travel
  • The vehicle description and license plate (as much as possible)
  • Details of the observed driving behavior which led you to make the call


Making a Driving Complaint (driving infractions that are not life threatening)

Police are required to attain specific information to achieve charges and convictions.  In order for a driving complaint to result in tickets and associated fines, the complainant must provide the following information:

  • Correct license plate and vehicle description
  • Correct location of the incident and time it took place
  • Description of the driver

The complainant MUST be willing to:

  • Provide a statement, preferably handwritten or typed
  • Be prepared to attend court


Ultimately, the decision to pursue charges is at the discretion of the officer after full consideration of the facts.

For more information from our community partners, visit the CRD Traffic Safety Commission website.

For details about traffic rules, regulations and consequences visit Road Safety BC, or ICBC.