Freedom of Information

Public bodies are bound by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA).  This act came into effect in 1993 and provides specific information and privacy rights regarding information that is collected or controlled by public bodies in British Columbia.

The Act is intended to be an avenue of last resort.  It is to be used when the information is not available through other access procedures.

FOI Request

How to make a Freedom of Information Request

A request to access information under the Act must be made in writing.  You may use our FOI Request Form, or simply send a signed letter.

Please make your request as specific as possible.  If available, please provide case numbers, exact dates and addresses as well as names or numbers of the officers involved.  This will assist us in conducting an accurate search for the requested information.  Under the Act public bodies have 30 business days to respond to your request and in certain circumstances a 30 day business day extension may apply.

If you have questions regarding this process, please email us at

Personal Information

If you request personal records about yourself, your identity will have to be verified to ensure that access is being provided to the right person.  Please be prepared to provide identification such as a driver’s licence or a passport.  This can be done upon submission of your request or upon collection of your documents.

Information That Will Not Be Provided

If the record you request contains personal information about someone else, and it would be an unreasonable invasion of that person’s personal privacy to provide that personal information, access to that information will not be granted without written consent or a Court Order.

The Act contains other exemptions that may have to be considered depending on the nature of the request, including exemptions that protect certain types of law enforcement information.


The FOIPP Act provides individuals with access to their own personal information free of charge.  Access to other information may be subject to a fee.